Polka Dot Love

I have really been trying to be good with buying new clothes. I’ve only made about one or two purchases since the new year and those were on pants and leggings which I desperately needed.

But then I saw this dress and my will was broken.

It was all I ever dreamed of and more! Polka dots and a perter pan collar, and the color just made it more retro and fun looking. But $50 dollars was a lot for my clearance rack wallet, and I hemmed and hawed over it. Until finally I decided that the color (which I loved) would look terrible against my skin tone, and I put the dress out of my mind.

But the one day who should I see but the gorgeous Lauren from Pocket Rocket wearing this same dress, and it looked absolutely wonderful against her porcelain skin tone. That was it. I was done for. I ordered the dress that night. (Of course two days later I recieved a coupon code from Asos, cest la vie.)

When the dress came in the mail, I couldn’t be more happier. I fell in more in love with it, and decided that every last penny was well spent. I was also in luck because I had a baby shower coming up and an occasion (and an excuse) to wear it.

Dress: Asos Curve size 16
Tights: I forget, most likely Torrid
Belt: Torrid
Shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW
Earrings: Betsey Johnson via Ebay
Bracelets: Gifts
Ring Etsy seller grigio


3 thoughts on “Polka Dot Love

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