Hmm I can has leopard print lips?

Yes you read that right, and so can you!

There’s a new store on the web called Violent Lips that carries temporary tattoos od awesome patterns specifically for you lips.

I think this is a really fun idea, definitely not for everyday wear, but for the club, bachelorette parties, concerts, and anywhere you want your lips to get all of the attention they deserve.

They seem to basically work the same as those temporary tattoos you used to rock as a kid, Stick them on apply wet water to the back, peel them off, and then viola crazy lips. I just wonder how long do they last and are the easy to remove? They also seem to be coming up with new colors and styles often, like purple leopard, zebra, and super glittery, swoon! Their blog also has uploads of real customers wearing them, and I must say they look pretty darn cool.

So what do you think? Would you rock leopard print lips? Or what style would you wear, where would you where them too?

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