Show your Bows

Here’s an outfit I wore recently for a night out with friends.

Top: City Chic size small
Shorts: Asos size 18 but taken in because they were too large at the waist.
Bow pin: taken off another shirt from New Look
Ring: NY & Company
Earrings: Miss Selfridge
Bracelet: Craft Show
Shoes: JC Penney
Bag: Gift from a friend, from Hot Topic i think

I’m not going to lie, as much as I am in love with these shoes, they didn’t make it past the getting ready stage. Even though I’ve worn them to work a few times and out on dates, I realized that they probably would not be good for $2 drink specials, dancing, and most likely falling over; so I opted for a pair of ballet flats instead.

Let’s talk about how cute this shirt is for a minute though. I don’t think you can see it from the pictures, but the bows covering it have little polka dots on them, It was like the most perfect shirt ever…almost.

I just felt like something was missing, and that was of course a GIANT BOW!
I removed a bow pin that came with another shirt of mine and tried it on with this top. Voila! It was a matched made in cuteness heaven and I was in love!

Now for the velvet shorts; I bought these a while ago from Asos expecting to wear them more for winter and with tights underneath. But I seem to be having a hard time figuring out what size I am in their bottoms. Their tops and dresses run pretty big and I can often go down to even a size 14; so according to their measurements I thought I would be safe ordering a 16 in bottoms. I ordered to pairs of jeans in 16s and I could barely get them up my thighs. I exchanged them for 18s and bought these shorts in an 18 with them. The shorts were huge, one pair of the jeans fit great, and the other fir but gaps like crazy around my waist and is still a little tight on my thighs. After I altered these shorts, I was very happy with them, and anything velvet pleases me greatly so I may wear them more for summer evenings. I am probably not going to be ordering any more pants from Asos though as I would need to be able to try them on first.


4 thoughts on “Show your Bows

  1. I love the shirt! I have something similar from F21, but I like the fact that you added the big bow to spice it up a little! Red lips are a nice touch too 😉 Great idea xo

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