If I had a Money Tree: Evans

Speaking of mega sales, Evans is also having a great 50% off sale! While I was perusing their site, I just had to start making a wishlist of all the things I was in love with, well it turned out I fall in love very easily because I ended up making three wishlists!

Here is how I would show off my laid back, bohemian style for summer with Evans.

Boho Evans

Boho Evans by kittywitch9 on Polyvore.com

I’ve always been a huge fan of peacock prints, and I’m especially loving the orange colors in the praslin top that you wouldn’t normally see in that style. The Black paisley print skirt also reminds a bit of a peacock, and I think would look so sexy and gypsy-like styled with some silver jewelry and maybe a gladiator or strappy sandal. Also can I just say how freaking adorable is that purple flowered head band! It’s so perfect, if anyone has it I would love to see pictures of it in use.

Evans is also taking care of my retro love for summer.

Retro Evans

Retro Evans by kittywitch9 on Polyvore.com

First off those bathing suits, I’m really loving that fact that retro/pin up style bathing suits are so in this summer, because they really look so fabulous on the curvier figure. I feel like I’ve been searching for something like them forever and this year they seem to be everywhere! I hope the trend lasts for awhile. Also just how cute is that black and red floral skirt. It looks perfect to be dressed up or down and it could take you easily into the other seasons as well.

One of my new favorite looks for summer though is Tropical, and Evans has taken good care of this one.

Tropical Evans

Tropical Evans by kittywitch9 featuring Ruby Rocks

With these items I can see myself in movie from the sixties staring Elvis, drinking out of coconut, getting ready for some beach blanket boogie! My favorite is the Floral pacific skirt, but I am also falling hard for the colors in the Lovedrobe floral panel skirt.

So umm yeah can I has everything please! If only money trees existed, le sigh.


2 thoughts on “If I had a Money Tree: Evans

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