Caught My Eye Friday

Well I updated the layout of my blog a little bit, might make a few more changes soon, but hey did you notice I have a new badge on my sidebar. That’s right I am officially an Evans blog partner woot! And speaking of Evans, good news for fans stateside. Style 369 is offering free shipping to the US on purchases over £50, yay! I picked up a couple items from my wishlist. I was a little upset though, I had my cart all set up, and then when I was checking out one of my fave items sold out!!!

Dammit I want that stupid headband so bad! So if anyone in the Great Britain area could please find and send me this item, I would be forever in debt to you and your wonderful accent.

Oh well, here are some other jewels I’ve found around the web this week:

If only my cat ad I could have matching hairstyles.


Clique to Know opened up this week! In case you haven’t heard they are a new daily fashion deals website catering exclusively to the plus size community. To sign up click here!


For inbetweenies check out this gorgeous lace color block top from Express. Express is one of those stores that I only go into once a year or so. Although they only go up to a size large, a lot of their items have a lot of stretch or are made for the over-sized look like this one and fit great on 16-18 sized bodies.

Beautiful Labyrinth Inspired My Little Pony, I will and forever be Team Jareth!


Although I am currently unemployed, just replace bank with about every job I’ve ever had. Maybe this is also why I am having a hard time finding a new one.


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