Accesorize Your Rights: Summer Scarves

When we think of wearing scarves, often the first image that pops up is a long woolen scarf wrapped around our neck and face to keep out the cold winter wind. But scarves can also be a really fun accessory for summer. Light silk and chiffon scarves can be worn over outfits to add some color or a summer pattern of fruits, florals, or even nautical designs. Crocheted scarves are also a huge trend this summer to go along with the bohemian look. If you still think it’s too hot to add the extra layer, the warmer seasons are a great time to get creative with the ways you can wear a scarf. I personally love to wear them as a headband, one to hold back my bangs and to also deal with excess sweating. They can also be tied through the belt loops of shorts or wrapped around a skirt. If you are really inventive, large square scarves can even be folded into tops or purses. Or if you are feeling a little more lazy in the hot weather just tie a scarf around the strap of your purse to add a little extra eye candy.

Here are some of my favorite summer scarves that I’ve found around the web.

Summer Scarves


Pieces woven shawl
$21 –

Square shawl
$20 –

Dorothy Perkins floral shawl
9.60 –

Miss Selfridge scarve
14 –

Dorothy Perkins viscose scarve
12 –

Zebra scarve
$24 –

Dorothy Perkins triangle shawl
20 –

Forever21 floral shawl
$11 –

Forever21 zebra scarve
$8.80 –

Pieces crinkle scarve
$21 –

Dollhouse scarve

Dollhouse cotton shawl

Dollhouse red shawl

New York & Company

scarves – evans

scarves – evans

So how will you be wearing a scarf this summer?

On a side note:

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