No one else is the same, Jem is my name

I don’t know why but I am in such a mood for Jem today!

She’s been a personal hero of mine for years. I mean how can she not! Just check out her truly truly outrageous fashion sense.

I also found some totally awesome Jem inspired necklaces on Etsy!

Etsy Seller HeadlessTessDIY

Etsy seller Artallnight

Etsy Seller GlamInsanity

Etsy Seller Candeegurl

And if you are looking to dress like Jem, Domino Dollhouse has truly, truly got you covered!

Jem Inspired Domino Dollhouse

Dollhouse tube top

Dollhouse layered skirt

Dollhouse shoes

Dollhouse black ring

Dollhouse pink earrings

Dollhouse ring

Now all I need is to find is some magical earrings!

On a side note:

Don’t forget to vote for me in 365Hangers Style a Shape contest! I am currently in 3rd place and I could really use some votes. Voting is super easy, you must have a facebook account, click on the link here, and then like my picture. I am one of the few plus sized entries in a contest about styling for your shape and it would mean so much to me if I won, so please check it out!


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