Caught my Eye Friday

Here are some cool things that caught my eye from around the web.

Totally drooling over the art of Rubens Cantuni. These plump, japanese inspired beauties seem to love all of my favorite things: tattoos, bunnies, candy, and all things cute!

I was feeling super depressed the other day, and then I ran across this video of a Mariachi band serenading a baby beluga and I couldn’t help but smile.

It seems like every week Hello Kitty comes out with something new, amazing, and adorable that I need to spend all my money on. I heard that Hello Kitty was going to team up with Swarovski crystals quite a few months ago from a friend that works at a Swarovski, and I’ve been waiting patiently to see the collection. It just came out this week and I just about oohed and ahhed over every single piece. I was also happy to see that a few of the jewelry items fall under the hundred dollar mark, so my wallet might not be crying too much.

Found this beautiful tribute to Amy Winehouse by artist Marie Meier

Even though I’m not going back to school, it doesn’t mean that I can’t check out all the back to school fashions coming out. For example I am just falling for this polka dot body con skirt from Forever 21+

Oh and here’s my jam for the week and possibly the summer


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