I’ll Be Your Gypsy

Do you ever just have the urge to dance around in meadows, pick wildflowers, or cast spells around a bonfire. I do, way too often. Here is what I’ll wear when I get to do all of these things.

Top: Logg by H&M size 16
Skirt: Evans UK size 22
Sandals: G&G
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
Earring: From a Metaphysical Boutique no longer in business
Bracelets: Gifts from friends

I am lately obsessed with this maxi skirt from Evans. It’s a little big on me, I could have definitely gone down a size, but it has a pull string at the waist so I can make it tighter. But it’s so comfortable for summer, and the print and colors are so pretty, I feel like a gypsy queen when I wear it!


3 thoughts on “I’ll Be Your Gypsy

  1. Have you ever tried taking your skirt up around your chest and tying it up there, then adding a belt at the waist? Whenever I have the “luck” of buying a skirt that is a bit too big I wear it as a dress as well. I love two outfits for one!

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