If I had a Money Tree: Fashion to Figure

Even though the temperatures are still broiling and my air conditioner is cranked up, I can’t help looking into the fashions that are slowly appearing for my favorite season, autumn. Okay the thought of wearing a sweater right now is actually making me sweat, but there are a lot of good seasonal transition pieces available too.

Today I was checking out the Fashion to Figure website for what they are offering for the cooler weather. If you have one of these stores near you I would definitely check them out; they carry clothes similar to Torrid but at a much cheaper price point. However if you are shopping online I would be a little wary since their sizing are not very consistent. Although I haven’t shopped with them in a few years, my in-store experiences have been filled with a lot of dressing room time, with some items running huge on me while in others I had to go up to a 3x. They do have a free return policy online though, so that is always good to keep in mind too.

I was really happy with the styles featured on their site for late summer/early fall. They have definitely increased their game in the casual/work wear department, while still keeping a lot of fun, clubby pieces too. In the past I have often felt that a lot of their items wear too junior’s department and the went a little overboard on the animal print (and trust me I love leopard). But I was surprised too see a more grown up feel to their pieces, while still adding a little bit of edge. There were just so many things I was adding to my wishlist, I thought it might be time to be planting my money tree!

Here’s what I’m loving right now…

fashion to figure


My main squeeze is that Matte Sateen Tunic Dress, the color is so perfect for the seasonal transition and it is simple enough that it can be dressed up or down in a million different ways. I also can’t get over that “mullet style” color block maxi dress; it’s a very chic look that I wasn’t expecting from Fashion to Figure. And how cute is that herringbone poncho coat, it’s something I normally wouldn’t go for, but I am just drawn to the floral print on the shoulders.

So what are you looking forward to in fall fashions? Have you ever shopped Fashion to Figure before, what were you experiences? Are you ready to transition from summer to fall?


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