Brains for Breakfast

I have been a long time admirer of Threadless tees for awhile now (my brother the artist is a huge fan of them); I would often scroll through their shirts and many of the designs have amused me but I had yet to be moved to make a purchase. Just recently though they had a $10 tee end of summer sale, so I thought I might take another look on their site. I was happy to find not one but two tees which had to be mine! The first is not only my favorite Cure song ever, but I think it also sums up the relationship I have with my boyfriend pretty well. Since we live a little far apart and due to conflicting work schedules, we only get to see each other on weekends. The rest of the week can be hard but its always Friday we are waiting for.

The second shirt I actually spotted someone wearing at a bar once, and I just thought it was to die for, literally. When I saw it on Threadless I just knew it had to be mine.

In the girl’s sizes it was available in a regular and also a boat neck cut, I really loved the look of the boatneck but it was sold out in larger sizes. So when it arrived I took some scissors to it and made it into an off-the-shoulders cut.

Here is my outfit with Zombie at Tiffany’s

Top: Threadless size 2XL
Bottoms: Tripp via Torrid size 18
Earrings: M.I.A via XSRE
Ring: Lane Bryant
Sneakers: Converse via Journeys

Overall I was happy with my Threadless purchases and I got a lot of compliments on both shirts. My only complaint is that the material is very thin, for a $10 tee I wouldn’t mind it but at the regular $20 price I would expect a little more. The 2XL in women’s fir me just right, if you are any larger though I would recommend the 2x in men’s sizes.


4 thoughts on “Brains for Breakfast

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