A Short Summer

As summer comes to a close I wanted to share with you a short story about shorts. Not just shorts but my thighs and my body image. It is a story that I haven’t told before.

Being plus-sized my whole life, I’ve always had a problem with wearing shorts. My thighs have always been my biggest body issue (no pun intended). I remember when I was about nine or ten years old, if I was wearing shorts I would sit down and just imagine that I could take a knife and just cut off the extra fat from my thighs. I know now these are awful mental visuals for someone to have at such a young age, but then it was what I felt and what I wished for. I never had a problem wearing skirts though, I guess because I felt  like I could still hide behind my tights or pantyhose. I remember being made fun of (by other girls) in fifth grade because I wore skirts and dresses all the time. But I wore them regardless, because I didn’t have to worry about them fitting my extra large hips and thighs and because they were comfortable. By middle school I had such a dislike for my thighs that I decided to stop wearing shorts all together. I sweated through 90+ degree summers until about 11th or 12th grade when I lost a significant amount of weight (through very unhealthy measures) and started to feel comfortable with my body for the first time. When I started to gain the weight back (through normal healthy eating again) my thighs and calves become covered in stretch marks, and my hatred for them came back with a vengeance. In my early college years I started to take birth control pills and depression medication which caused me to gain even more weight. This was also though around the time when I truly became a feminist, started practicing Wicca, started developing my insane personal style, and truly started to love my body exactly how it looked. I pranced around naked, called myself a goddess, thought my body should be worshiped, and loved every inch of it. But still I strayed from shorts. Skirts and capris were my best friends in the summer. Maybe each year I would subtract an inch from my capris until I started to feel comfortable enough in bermuda shorts a few summers ago.

This summer, however, something happened and I stopped caring. Maybe because it was so obscenely hot, maybe it was because of writing this fashion blog and following others, and being inundated with images of women of every size rocking their summer outfits, maybe it was because I was unemployed this summer and didn’t have to worry about dressing up for anything; but all I wanted to do this summer was wear shorts. I’ve posted a few shorts outfits from Asos, Kohl’s, and City Chic on here but it looks like nothing compared to the fact that I wore shorts pretty much everyday this summer. And I am not just talking about shorts but beautiful thigh baring short shorts.

I even got a little bit of criticism for my shorts this summer. When I posted this outfit on tumblr I received a couple of negative comments saying that it was “the least flattering thing (troll) has seen on anyone.” And you know what honestly I took these comments in stride and felt like I was being inducted into an exclusive club, because you really aren’t making an impact until you start getting anonymous hate messages on the internet. And haters gonna hate and I kept on wearing my shorts.

Well this all leads up to the shortest shorts I have ever owned in my life. I saw them on Torrid at the beginning of summer but wasn’t sure about the length. When they went on the 50% clearance sale at towards the end of summer I stopped caring and snatched them up.

Not only are these shorts comfortable and cool but they also came with a simple denim tie belt which is perfect for my big hips and small waist, I don’t have to worry about them slipping down or wearing a bulky belt with the. Also the short length gives a peek of my thigh tattoo which rarely sees the light of day.

Top: Forever 21+ size 1x via Re/dress
Shorts: Torrid size 18
Necklace: Tarina Tarantino via Ebay
Earrings: gift from a friend
Bracelet: gift from my mom
Ring: Etsy seller EnchatedLockets
Shoes: G&G Rave

So let me know how is your relationship with shorts? Are there any specific items of clothing that you don’t feel comfortable in because of your size?


5 thoughts on “A Short Summer

  1. I love you so much for sharing. 🙂 This was my first year wearing shortie shorts too in a looong time. Why would someone not like this outfit? Its so simple and cute.

    • Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts! Actually the outfit I got some stupid comments on was a prior one, not this one, but I got even more awesome comments than bad ones, and I know I looked amazing so that’s all that matters! XOOO

  2. Thanks for sharing your “shorts” story. The ones you’re wearing are very cute! P.S. I love the picture of you, close up, right before the owl ring shot. It’s great 🙂

  3. I think the outfit is just fine, But try to avoid the pigeon toed stance when posing. I know one sees it everywhere but generally its not flattering and doesn’t elongate the leg. Just one of my pet peeves.
    Love the lipstick!

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