My Photo Shoot Experience

I’ve been neglecting my poor little bloggie lately oh no! Really I misplaced my memory card reader and couldn’t upload any pictures. But I am back now with more outfit of the day fun times for all!

Recently I told you about an exciting opportunity I had with Monif C. clothing. I was chosen along with two other girls for a customer makeover photo shoot. I won’t give too much away, the pictures should be up towards the end of November, but it was a lot of fun and so cool to be a part of. Each of us were asked to bring three outfits we would wear for on a first date, office holiday party, and our birthday. I was chosen to represent the first date outfit but they actually had me wear my birthday outfit. So I am going to share with you my original first date outfit.

Top: Torrid size 1
Pants: Tripp by Torrid size 18
Belt: NY & Company size XL
Necklace: Sanrio
Earrings: Lia Sophia
Bracelet: Gift from a friend
Shoes: Spunky from ShoeDazzle

This is really more one of my go to outfits for me rather than just a date outfit. I feel like it is sexy and flirty without being too provocative, just retro fun. The outfit you’ll see more wearing in the shoot is very similar to the one from this blog post.

Since I was representing the first date my Monif C. makeover outfit was more casual and was one of the wrap dresses. I was a little disappointed than I didn’t get to wear something from the holiday collection, because they are all so beautiful and glamorous, but I don’t think anything would have made sense for a first date look. But from the peak I did see of the photos they look amazing and I really can’t wait to see how everything came out.

Before taking our pictures I also got to watch what a real photoshoot looks like; model Denise Bidot was there taking pictures for the new collection. All I can say is wow, I felt bad because the whole time I was seriously just staring at her, one she is beyond beautiful in person, and two it was just amazing to watch her work. She needed no direction from the photographer, and it was really like she could see what each picture looks like in her head. She just looked absolutely flawless in each shoot, and it was incredible too watch.

The shoot was in the Empire State Building and had an amazing view. I tried to get a few shots.

Me and Monif!

Here are me and the other girls in the shoot post makeover!


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