Happy Nyan Halloween

Not going to lie, my Halloween was a bit of a bust this year. For like the first time ever it decided to snow in October leading to numerous power outrages and the canceling of pretty much all Halloween events and fun. Luckily though a few parties have been postponed til this Saturday and I will be able to wear my most epic costume EVER!

It took me awhile to finally decided on what I was going to dress up as this year, I went through a few options when suddenly the idea came to me just last weekend. I drew up a plan, tried to explain it to my mom, and then headed over to my local fabric store buy whatever was on clearance. I spent only about $16 and after three days of work, it was completed…


I made the pop tart from some large pieces of felt, there is a small layer of stuffing underneath the pink part, then I hot glued some beads on to make pretty sprinkles. The rainbow took the most work, I felt like the Betsey Ross of gay flags! Then I just wore all gray, made a gray furry tail, and glued extra gray fur onto a pair of cat ears I already owned. For the finishing touch, my mp3 player has speakers, so I downloaded the Nyan Cat song and played it in my pocket to annoy people.

It was a lot of fun, even though the majority of people didn’t get what I was. I can’t wait to wear it again and I hope to get many more pictures in it to show for you all!



3 thoughts on “Happy Nyan Halloween

  1. Oh why, oh why did you have to introduce me to yet another part of the World Weird Web that I had been blissfully unaware of? Now I have the urge to show it to others who will sneer at me and say, “That is so beyond its expiration date. Do you live under a rock?”

    Still, great fast costume idea. And you, of course, look cute in it. I know some people shun being called cute once they get past their teens, but my take on it is, if someone honestly thinks and tells me I’m cute, grab it and run with it as fast and as long as you can carry it.

    By the way, you are an utter snot for getting to go to a fashion shoot. Here in the savage flatlands of Kansas, the only shoot we have involves woodland creatures and mass consumption of beer. Not quite the same thing that you enjoyed.

    • Nyan Cat is a most beautiful thing, and should be shared with the world with no regrets!

      Haha and don’t be jelly, I don’t think I’ve been called a snot in a really long time. Living close to New York definitely has its advantages, but being in New Jersey, I get all of the fun/horrifying stereotypes that MTV has inflicted on us. And besides in Kansas you get awesome tornadoes that take you to magical lands right?

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