Caught My Eye Friday: Christmas Edition

Ho Ho Ho Everyone, in case you are not in the Christmas spirit yet, here is a picture of my cat, Linus, dressed as Santa!

He loves it, he wants to wear it all the time, I swear! He wants to visit all the little boys and girls, and spread joy to the world! Okay my I am forcing it on him…just a little. By the way in case you want to torture spread the holiday cheer to your cat too, Target has a whole bunch of other winter hats and collars for your cat to love forever.

Okay maybe Pushheen has different ideas on what your cat wants for christmas.

Here is some other cool stuff from around the web

Elizabeth Taylor with a christmas kitty

Love this pin up by Vargas, it’s like retro, space-aged christmas crazy!

Check out these beautiful art prints from Etsy seller Jahna Vashti

Like my last holiday dress post? Here’s one more! Or ten more! The new Kaori dress from Igigi can be worn multiple ways so if you have many parties to go to, you don’t have to worry about buying several different outfits. It really is the perfect LBD.














Also Plus Model Magazine is giving you 15% off this dress and any other at Igigi right now using code PLUSMODELMAG. So you can get a present for yourself too!


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