Accesorize Your Rights: Fab Faux Fur

We just had our first snow fall of the year this weekend, and I was not ready for it. I think my mind is still lost somewhere in the Caribbean, and I am just refusing to except that it is freezing here. The snow finally forced me to pull out my big puffy coat, some ear warmers, leather gloves, scarves, more stuff to keep me warm. But rather than venturing too much outside, I am more of a fan of snuggling in bed with a furry kitty.

But now I can have both, lol, not really, my cats are waaay too smart to go outside when its cold. But I can still have furriness! Faux fur is making as comeback in a really great way. It has always been a trend I have shied away from. I remember when I worked out Torrid, every year we world get a huge, long, black furry trench coat, which we lovingly nicknamed “The Gorilla.” Even fur vests, I think they look great on other people, but they are just not for me. This year we are seeing a lot of faux fur in smaller doses in beautiful winter accessories.

Here are a few of my favorites from Asos:


faux by kittywitch9 featuring mid calf socks

$13 –

$11 –

$8.06 –

River island
$13 –

$7.16 –

$8.95 –

Mid calf socks
$15 –

ASOS hair accessory
$18 –

Asos Faux Fur Muffler
$11 –

I’ve had a secret love of muffs ever since I was a little girl. Victorian chic, although beautiful, might not always be so convenient, but I am loving the furry cuffs! They are such a great way to add a touch of color and whimsy to often drab winter outerwear. Of course peter pan collars seem to be everywhere lately, and these furry ones would look great over peacoats along with your favorite sweaters or dresses. Also how cute are those furry cuffed socks, they would look great over so many different pairs of boots and I bet they are super comfy too. Another great thing is a lot of these items are on clearance now, some are even under $10.

What do you think, have you been wearing faux fur this winter? Would you try it in bright colors or do you prefer to keep it more natural looking? Or do you think furriness should just stay on the animals?


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