My Monif C. Makeover

I’ve been meaning to share this with you! I blogged a little while back about my photo shoot experience with Monif C, and now the pictures are up so go check them out!

Also the new Monif C. spring collection is up and umm yeah I want everything. You know that purple is my favorite color right?























Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!

Coral, aqua, and citron yellow are also new beautiful colors appearing the spring line. Check out the rest at Monif C!


3 thoughts on “My Monif C. Makeover

  1. Good golly, Miss Jenna! You have always been cute and lovely in all the shots you took of yourself. Now we can add sultry and delicious to the palette of adjectives. If you dazzle a date with this look, he’d be a fool not to let you lead him around like an adoring puppy. I always look forward to your new outfits and fashion discoveries.

    And, yes, you have a passion for purple, and purple (and all its shadings and variations) seems to love you as well. You should consider a purple blow out posting. Isn’t there a National Purple Passion Day?

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