Hello again

Hi blog, it’s been awhile. Things have changed. I’m writing this on a tablet. Instead of in my office, sending it in an email. I haven’t had an office in a very long time. Things have stayed the same. I’m still unhappy about where I am in my life. That might be why I’m writing this right now. About a year ago I started writing this short story. Of course it was a work of fiction exactly about my life. I do that often. They never get finished though, because I don’t know how to end them. Because I don’t know how it ends. I will never know how it ends. Because it just keeps going. Today I decided to start this blog up again. It won’t be about fashion or actually about anything at all. I won’t try to publicize it. It will be a hashtag free zone. If anyone stumbles across it, I apologize in advance. It’s my not so locked diary, it’s my neverending short story, it’s my writing practice, it’s the things that don’t matter and everything else in my heart. It’s me again.


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