The Cat’s Meow

Sometimes I just need to indulge in total cuteness with my outfits. This was one of those days. It started off with just the cute kitty sweater but then I just needed to keep on adding more elements of cuteness! I don’t care if I went overboard, I need to spread my cuteness love with the world!

Outfit Details
Sweater: Insprie by New Look UK size 18
Skirt: Torrid size 18
Tights: Evans (I forget what size)
Hair Clips: Asos
Earrings: Hoops – Lia Sophia, Bows – Betsey Johnson via Ideeli
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson via Ebay
Shoes: Twenty10 for Hello Kitty via


Fatshion February 9: Bend and Snap

I think I was just trying to do something different with my arms in this first pic, but it looks like I just finished doing an awesome bend and snap!

Top: Torrid size 1
Bottoms: Asos Curve size 18
Necklace: Tarina Tarantino via Ebay
Earrings: Loehmanns (I think they are Kenneth Jay Lane but I forget)
Ring: ShoeDazzle
Bracelet: St Martin
Shoes: Delia’s

And in case you need a refresher course:

Fatshion February 7: I Love my White Blazer Part 1

Most of last week was filled with me laying around in pjs or wearing work out clothes, so I didn’t have much fit for Fatshion February. I promise I will try to make up for it this week though. I even decided to look for some outfit inspirations. I recently got a three month free subscription to Lucky magazine for my Kindle Fire; and I found this article called “I love my: white blazer,” which showed white blazer styled four different ways. I too have a white blazer that I love but don’t seem to wear often enough, so I decided to give it a try.

The first outfit featured the blazer with a white sequined cocktail dress and color blocked flats.

Being a goth kid for most of my life, white on white is something I have never tried, and honestly I was a little afraid of. I went with a more casual white tennis dress, and too my surprise I liked the look a lot. I still felt the need to break up the outfit with a metallic pink skinny belt. Also since it is still winter here, I needed to add leggings but decided to go with a light grey hoping not to add too much to the color palette. I luckily also have a pair of color block flats, which lately I have been wearing with pretty much everything! Overall, I thought the all white gave a very luxe look to a simple and comfy outfit and I would not be opposed to trying it more in the future.

Outfit Details:
Blazer: Torrid size 1
Dress: NY & Company size XL
Leggings: Lane Bryant size AB
Headband: Asos
Earrings: Betsey Johnson via TJ Maxx
Necklace: Express
Belt: Asos size 16/18
Watch: Sanrio
Ring: Tarina Tarantino
Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Fatshion February 3: Wear Red!

Today is National Wear Red Day for women’s heart health. Red is one of my favorite colors to wear and it’s such an important cause I am always happy to participate.Did you know that heart disease kills more women than all cancers combined? To check out more about this project click here!

Here is my Wear Red Day outfit.

Outfit Details
Top: Torrid size 1
Pants: Rainbow size 18
Earrings and Necklace: Lia Sophia
Ring: NY & Company
Shoes: Hello Kitty via Torrid

Don’t you love my beautiful, sparkly Hello Kitty shoes. I was originally drooling over these on the Hello Kitty site but the price turned that drool to tears. Luckily they are also being sold on the Torrid website and I was able to snag them at half off when they were having their haute cash coupon sale. No I can sparkle with Hello Kitty magic everywhere I go!

Belated Xmas Ootd and Contest Winner!

Eeep It’s already mid January and I still haven’t posted any holiday outfits. I am behind on the times. Well after I got back from my cruise I got really sick, so I decided to spend christmas day curled up in bed in my pjs hugging a kitty while my family went out. So the only christmas outfit I have is from a friend’s pot luck dinner from the beginning of the month.

Outfit Details:
Top: Express size Large
Jacket: Torrid size 1
Skirt: Etsy seller PrototypeDesign size Medium
Belt: NY & Company size XL
Tights: We Love Colors size c/d
Earrings: Lia Sophia
Necklaces: Sanrio and Lia Sophia
Bracelet: Gift from mom
Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Let’s start with this skirt; if I could, I would wear it everyday. I first saw this Miu Miu inspired skirt on tumblr and knew it had to be mine. Well I first saw these Miu Miu shoes and knew they had to be mine…but without the price tag.

So the skirt was a very happy alternative. After conversing with the owner of Prototype Designs I was able to get a skirt in my size and I was in love. It was well worth the wait. Seriously if you have not checked this shop out yet, do it now. Along with cats, there are birds, bows, polka dots, florals, scarves, and everything else you’ve been craving.

The shoes, called Aubrey, from ShoeDazzle are the highest heels I have ever owned. I hemmed and hawed over ordering them, but they are just so similar to Jeffrey Campbell’s Litas, I just couldn’t let them pass. I have to say the height wasn’t too bad. I don’t think I could wear them if I had to stand or walk for a very long time, but they were perfect for a dinner party. I got a lot of compliments too and a lot of “I could never wear such high heels.” Me neither lol, but the width of the heel and the platform helped a lot. And I got to be taller than everyone!


And now onto the winner of the Be a Leading Lady in The New Year Contest!

As chosen by the winner is….

I have contacted Leading Lady, and I will be contacting you soon with the code for an item of your choice.


Dolly Bows and Gothic Lotlita

I am crazy about this outfit, I am crazy about this top, I am crazy about these shoes, I have been crazy about this jacket. I am crazy lol

Outfit Details
Top: Domino Dollhouse size 3x
Jacket: Torrid size 1
Pants: Source of Wisdom via Torrid size 18
Earring: Betsey Johnson via Ideeli
Necklace: Tarina Tarantino via Ebay
Shoes: Rhett via ShoeDazzle

This Cutie Doll top from Domino Dollhouse is one of my new favorite things in the world. It is exactly as its name describes it to be. It’s so fun and sexy too, since the ruffled lace bottom gives a little hint of skin without the full crop top effect. And of course lace and bows are like my two favorite things in the world. The back of the top is also all lace so you can show even more skin if you are feeling adventurous.

The only drawback is that since it is a juniors plus item it runs a little small. I got it in a 3x although I could have probably fit in the 2. So for those on the smaller end of plus I would definitely recommend it. It’s on clearance now so get it while you can!

Speaking of favorite things, I also have to brag about my necklace. I have been lusting after it for a few years now but the $2oo+ price tag was definetely a no-no. Somehow I managed to snag it on eBay for just $30! Epic Win! I don’t know if it fell off a truck or what, I don’t really care either, I am just happy to have it around my neck!

Making Passes at Girls Who Wear Glasses

Oh no! I once again I have to apologize for being a bad blogger. I seem to be suffering from a complete lack of motivation lately. On a lot of days I don’t want to do much of anything, even get out of bed. I’m stuck in such a rut; any tips on how you get out of this mood? I guess I just have to push myself to get things done; especially things I actually like doing, like blogging. One thing that has helped me in the past is making lists of just about everything to do in the day, right down to showering and eating lunch. That way even if I only get a little bit of stuff done, I still feel a sense of accomplishment and hopefully will be motivated to do more the next day.

Well since there has been a lack of new posts, I have quite a few outfit pics from the last two month piling up in my folders. Along with a few new purchases, I wanted to share with you my new glasses. I am wearing them in my last post, but I didn’t mention that I got them for FREE! Yes that’s right, FREEE, prescription and everything!

How did I get them for FREEEEEE you might ask, well I heard through the blogger grapevine about a wonderful website called that every once and awhile decides to be totally awesome and gives away FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE glasses. What’s the catch? There really honestly isn’t one. Just go to the website with your prescription ready pick out some glasses, pay for shipping and handling (which for me was about $11), and then voila glasses arrive about a week later. The only drawback is of course you can’t try them, and glasses can be a tricky thing in that area, but from what I’ve heard from other buyers is that their return policy is pretty good. I took the plunge and decided to get these Love brand tortoiseshell cat eye glasses. I especially love the little hearts in the corners.

I really could not be more happy with them, and have been reccomending the site to everyone. Really since they are FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you have nothing to lose! Your best bet is to like them on facebook where you can be updated on all of there sales and wonderful coupon codes and get your own pair of FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE glasses!

Okay enough of the additional excited capslock e’s, onto the outfit.

Top and Cardigan: New York and Company size XL
Pants: Forever 21+ size 18
Headband: Tarina Tarantino via Ideeli
Earrings: Betsey Johnson via Ideeli
Bracelet: Express
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: ShoeDazzle