Hmm I can has leopard print lips?

Yes you read that right, and so can you!

There’s a new store on the web called Violent Lips that carries temporary tattoos od awesome patterns specifically for you lips.

I think this is a really fun idea, definitely not for everyday wear, but for the club, bachelorette parties, concerts, and anywhere you want your lips to get all of the attention they deserve.

They seem to basically work the same as those temporary tattoos you used to rock as a kid, Stick them on apply wet water to the back, peel them off, and then viola crazy lips. I just wonder how long do they last and are the easy to remove? They also seem to be coming up with new colors and styles often, like purple leopard, zebra, and super glittery, swoon! Their blog also has uploads of real customers wearing them, and I must say they look pretty darn cool.

So what do you think? Would you rock leopard print lips? Or what style would you wear, where would you where them too?

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Memoirs of a Kitty

I’m sure you all know by now that I am completely obsessed with Hello Kitty. When I heard a while back that one of my favorites stores, Sephora, would be carrying a line of Hello Kitty cosmetics I completely flipped out and really had to hold back from ordering one of everything. Now that the excitement has died down a little bit, Sephora is introducing some new items in a collection called “Memoirs of a Kitty,” featuring Japanese inspired items with a cherry blossom design.

Yes, you have my attention again, and I want one of everything please!

The collection includes a cosmetic case, a notebook, and a new eye shadow and blush palette.

Oh and hello, Sephora is also selling two items that have come straight from my wildest fantasies.

The container with brush set and hand mirror are made from Swarovski crystals and sell for $495 and $350 respectively, so umm yeah get into my life please.

Pink and Glitter

The last couple of weeks at work have been extra lousy for me, so I’ve been coping with some major retail therapy. And did I mention my birthday is coming up, so I’ve also been receiving a whole bunch of wonderful birthday coupons, needless to say I’m going to have a lot of new items I will be able to discuss on here. First up is the new Tarina Tarantino makeup line at Sephora.


I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Tarina. I mean her stuff is adorable, she has pink hair, and she did an entire line of Hello Kitty jewelry, which automatically makes her super fabulous and amazing. On the other hand, her jewelery is SOOOOO expensive. I wouldn’t complain as much, but the majority of is just plastic. It’s like, let’s just call it lucite and charge over a hundred bucks for it, no one will know. Not like it ever stops me from contemplating on bidding on her stuff on ebay. Sephora even proved this point by giving away free bracelets to VIB members (which btw are selling on ebay for $5-10). So now I own my first piece of TT jewelry yay!

On to the makeup…

Tarina definitely stayed true to her style, offering fun, vibrant, and punky colors. I guess since the line is still new there wasn’t as much stuff available at my store yet. But all of the employees where wearing pink wigs, which was def very cute. Unlike her jewelry, the makeup all seemed pretty reasonable priced (compared to the other brands at Sephora) with eye and lip colors running from $19-22.

I decided to purchase the gem gloss in Neon Vanity.

For a lip gloss the color is amazingly bright and vibrant, really no under lip color is needed. It is a little sticky at first, but my lips felt increasingly softer while I was wearing it. It says it has a plumper, but I didn’t notice any tingling or plumping, but the way it makes my lips feel is good enough for me. The hint of sparkly is girly but not overwhelming. Overall I love and think its worth it, my only complaint is I wished it lasted longer! I hate reapplying makeup at work, but for a gloss it does stay on longer than cheaper brands, so beggars can’t be choosers. But I think I might try the regular lipstick next.

Here’s what it looks like on me!

If you visit there are quite a few collection items which include matching eyeshadow, gloss, and a super cute ring with lip gloss inside, just like we had when we were little girls! I am especially lovin the Victorian Punk and Candy Cameo collections.


From these pictures, I’m really hoping that they come out with more items, especially eyeliners!