Caught my Eye Friday

Here are some cool things that caught my eye from around the web.

Totally drooling over the art of Rubens Cantuni. These plump, japanese inspired beauties seem to love all of my favorite things: tattoos, bunnies, candy, and all things cute!

I was feeling super depressed the other day, and then I ran across this video of a Mariachi band serenading a baby beluga and I couldn’t help but smile.

It seems like every week Hello Kitty comes out with something new, amazing, and adorable that I need to spend all my money on. I heard that Hello Kitty was going to team up with Swarovski crystals quite a few months ago from a friend that works at a Swarovski, and I’ve been waiting patiently to see the collection. It just came out this week and I just about oohed and ahhed over every single piece. I was also happy to see that a few of the jewelry items fall under the hundred dollar mark, so my wallet might not be crying too much.

Found this beautiful tribute to Amy Winehouse by artist Marie Meier

Even though I’m not going back to school, it doesn’t mean that I can’t check out all the back to school fashions coming out. For example I am just falling for this polka dot body con skirt from Forever 21+

Oh and here’s my jam for the week and possibly the summer


No one else is the same, Jem is my name

I don’t know why but I am in such a mood for Jem today!

She’s been a personal hero of mine for years. I mean how can she not! Just check out her truly truly outrageous fashion sense.

I also found some totally awesome Jem inspired necklaces on Etsy!

Etsy Seller HeadlessTessDIY

Etsy seller Artallnight

Etsy Seller GlamInsanity

Etsy Seller Candeegurl

And if you are looking to dress like Jem, Domino Dollhouse has truly, truly got you covered!

Jem Inspired Domino Dollhouse

Dollhouse tube top

Dollhouse layered skirt

Dollhouse shoes

Dollhouse black ring

Dollhouse pink earrings

Dollhouse ring

Now all I need is to find is some magical earrings!

On a side note:

Don’t forget to vote for me in 365Hangers Style a Shape contest! I am currently in 3rd place and I could really use some votes. Voting is super easy, you must have a facebook account, click on the link here, and then like my picture. I am one of the few plus sized entries in a contest about styling for your shape and it would mean so much to me if I won, so please check it out!

Karaoke Supernova

Last weekend one of my friends celebrated their birthday at a karaoke bar in Korea Town. We had way too much fun, trust me I am no good singer whatsoever, but I rocked out anyway and I even sustained a few tambourine injuries.

Here’s what I wore.

Top: Monsoon UK Size 20
Jacket: Torrid: size 1
Jeans: Tripp via Torrid size 18
Earrings and ring: Target
Shoes: Bandolino

Some Action shots. (Please don’t mind the sweatiness I was on fire with Awesome/Drunken Karaoke Powers.)

And for your listening pleasure, the best song about karaoke there is.

In A Big Country

I’ve been feeling quite blue recently. It’s probably because this winter seems to be looming on forever, along with job woes, and just feelings of loneliness and laziness; its been difficult for me to look on the bright side of things lately. I need some more things to look forward to in life. 

There’s this song that I really, really love; its super 80s cheese but the lyrics are so uplifting and it makes me smile whenever I hear it.

The one lyric that I always hold onto in my head; “I’m not expecting go far as any desert, but I can look, and breathe, and see the sun in winter time.” Sadly the leader singer of the band, Stuart Adamson, killed himself about ten years ago. Sometimes I feel like all the artists I like have or probably will kill themselves; I can’t even escape this through campy 80s music. It’s quite a bit depressing, but at the same time it makes me hold on to it and love it even more. If their words or art or music can help just one person get through a tough day, or just touch them, or make them smile; then they are truly living on through their work. They have not been forgotten, their art has made them immortal.

Anyway here’s a fun, happy-times outfit post (sadly with no short shorts or mullet lol).

Cardigan: Beth Ditto for Evans UK size 20
Top: Dorothy Perkins UK size 20
Pants: Seven jeans via Ideeli size 18
Shoes: Really really old from Bakers
Necklace: Tarina Tanrantino
Bracelets: Miss Selfridge
Ring: I think from Kohls, also pretty old.

After I wore this outfit I decided it was time for me to find myself a new pair of pink shoes. Although these are super cute, they are definitely starting to show their age. Its amazing, no matter how many shoes I have, I can still always think of new ones that I need. The first step to recovery is admitting that you’re addicted, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon!

Also I really love this cardigan from the Beth Ditto collection, it’s so sweet and innocent looking and so easy to wear with anything. It can go casual and cute like this outfit, or I can fancy it up and wear it with a dress, or it could even go for a fun edgy rockabilly look with a band tee and jeans. There is one thing I wish I could change about it though, I wish it were reversible! Look how pretty the inside is…

I love the gold sparkles!


For christmas my brother got me a Sirius radio. I’m not completely in love with it yet, mostly due to the amount of wires hanging around in my car now, but I do love being able to listen to the radio again and finding new music and bands.  About two years ago, the only good alternative radio station in my area was bought and became another top 40 station, leaving the only type of rock music to be found on the air to be classic rock.  Since then I’ve really only been listening to my mp3 player and I’ve been relying on Pandora or my friends for new music suggestions. One thing I love about so far about the Sirius radio is how nostalgic some of the stations are, there is the 90s on 9 which plays pretty much all the hits that I grew up listening to in high school, there is also Lithium which plays a lot of 90s rock and grunge music, but my favorite is 1st Wave, which plays all new wave and 80s awesomeness.

As for new stuff, I’ve only had it installed for about a week now, and I’m already finding some bands that I’m liking. Here are two songs that have been stuck in my head since I’ve got the radio.

Anyway, here is an outfit I wore recently, somewhat music related -old Beth Ditto!

Top: Beth Ditto from evans via Ebay UK size 20
Pants: Source of wisdom from Torrid 18
Earrings: Etsy
Ring Lia Sophia
Bracelet: Tarina Tarantino and Icing (I think, I forget)
Shoes Naughty Monkey from DSW

Some things to share

When you are feeling down remember this


If you are anything like me, than cold weather never stops you from wearing your favorite dresses and skirts. To accomplish this a nice pair of warm tights are necessary, and to help out Big Beautyful Mess is giving away a pair of We Love Colors tights in any color you choose over at her blog
There are many different ways to enter just head on over to

If I won, I would pick the hunter green tights!


In other news, Adele is finally releasing a new album 21, which is due out next year, but you can already listen to her first single, “Rolling in the Deep,” which I’ve got to say is pretty amazing.

Born Free

3/50 Lace Up Boots

For this set I went with a very earthy vibe to match the color of those delicious boots. An outfit like this would be great for late summer/early fall, kind of chic hiker. Although in real life I can’t stand dead animal decor, I am in just amazed by that deer skull necklace from modcloth. Its has a haunting beauty more like a Georgia O’Keeffe painting than a hunter’s delight. And of course Mia Tyler looks beautiful as usual.

For my outfit I decided to have a little more fun with color!

Dress, Jacket, Lace Leggings: Torrid
Belt: Rainbow
Boots: Mudd via Kohls
Earrings and Necklace: Betsey Johnson from Ebay
Bracelet: I think from Claire’s like a million Years ago

I wore this to attend an M.I.A concert in Philadelphia, and it was a lot of fun. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since I’ve never been to a “rap” concert and I’m not even sure if M.I.A would be considered rap. But it was probably one of the most diverse crowds I have ever seen everywhere. It seemed like every nationality was represented pretty equally and I really loved that. Everyone was really into the show, and I was right up front (I even got to grab her hand for like a second!) I kind of got swept up in the mosh pit a bit though and for a moment started feeling to old to be carried away by a crowd though, so after the first half of the set we moved to the back and enjoyed the rest of the show from the bleachers.

So you guys can enjoy, I found this video of the concert on youtube

At around 1:50 you can see my hand wearing the black stud bracelet.