Be a Leading Lady in the New Year: Review and Giveaway!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday; mine was a bit of a whirlwind, but I’ll post more on that later.  But first for something more important!

Recently I was contacted by Leading Lady to review two free bras of my choosing.

Leading Lady is a premiere intimate apparel company dedicated to creating comfortably functional, remarkably affordable, stylish and easy-to-wear bras, camis and sleepwear. A family owned and operated business, Leading Lady has been expertly tailoring nursing and full figure bras for top brands and retailers across North America for more than 70 years. For the first time, Leading Lady’s comprehensive line of nursing and full figure intimates – including sexy stretch lace wire-free and underwire bras, supportive and seamless sport and yoga bras, and cozy sleep and leisure bras – can be purchased directly on

Leading Lady is proud to celebrate “Leading Ladies” everywhere through its products, programs and philanthropic activities. Leading Lady is dedicated to arming new moms with the support – physically, intellectually and emotionally – they need to nurture their babies through breastfeeding and committed to supporting a variety of organizations and issues relevant to women across the country. Follow Leading Lady on Facebook and Twitter.

My first choice was the Scallop Lace Underwire bra.

This bra has a lot of sex appeal, the peak-a-boo lace cutaway gives it a perfect vintage bedroom noir feel. But it’s not just for nighttime wear. I was pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable this bra was for longtime wear. I even wore it on a recent flight and I had no complaints, it didn’t dig into my ribs and the lightly padded straps never slipped. I am so happy with this bra; I think it has become my new favorite (not so) basic black bra.

For my second bra I decided to go for something different and chose the Molded Padded Seamless Wirefree bra.

I hardly ever wear wirefree bras, with having a larger chest they seem to make my boobs feel heavier and a lot of the times I get this weird, uncomfortable fold over thing that happens on the side of the bra. But I wanted to give this one a try because my mom refuses to wear underwire bras, so I am always on the lookout for a good wirefree one for her. And honestly I don’t think you can get any better than this one! The light molding adds the perfect amount of support so there is no heavy feeling, but they don’t add anymore bulk or change the shape of my already large chest. And after a few days of wear I am happy to report no fold over! I can’t believe I actually found a wireless bra I love!

Finding the perfect bra is so important, because we all know that if your boobs are not happy, you will not be happy. When you have a larger chest it can be so difficult to find great bras for all your boobies needs. Leading Lady seems to have us and boobies covered in all aspects of our lives. Besides the two I reviewed, they also carry sports bras in case your new year’s plan is start working out more in the new year, and comfy leisure bras for days when you just feel like relaxing, and they also have a large line of nursing bras if the new year should bring you a new surprise!

Leading Lady is also going to give one of my lucky readers a chance to be a Leading Lady in the new year with a giveaway for one free item of the winner’s choice!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment here stating which bra you would chose if you won, include your name and a way to contact you.

For additional entries do the following and leave a comment letting me know!

Enter from now until January 16, 2012!

Contest Rules: Available only to readers within the continental United States. Good for one free product. Free shipping on total order. Free shipping does not apply to shipments in Hawaii or Alaska. May not be combined with any other coupon code offers. Any site discounts will come off their order automatically. One time use only coupon. Winner will be chosen at random.


Bags of Love Review

Recently I was contacted by Bags of Love, a UK company that makes bags, calendars, canvas prints, pillows, and a whole bunch of other cool things all from your pictures and ideas. They offered me a free gift of my choice to review. Being a fashion lover, I of course went straight over to the bags section and picked out the canvas Shopper Bag; and being a cat lover, I of course decided on a picture of my beautiful cat Marci.

When I received the bag I was so genuinely happy and excited, my mom laughed at me for yelling out “It’s my Marci bag!” when I opened it. Shipping was super quick; sometimes things I order from the UK can take over a month to get here, but it was probably took less than a week.

The bag is such nice quality; it is super strong and durable, making it perfect for shopping and travel, especially since I tend to pack a lot. I also loved that I was able to pick a color for the bag, making it even more personal. And the pink color just went perfect with my picture.

Everyone is seriously so jealous of this bag. Every time I wear it my mom cries that she wants one too, and we discuss what a celebrity diva Marci is that she is on her own bag! My boyfriend wants to get one for his mom with a picture of their dog, and my best friend didn’t even realize that it was my cat on the bag; she thought it was a model cat!

I’m pretty sure Marci approves of the bag too!

Overall I am very impressed with this Bag and Bags of Love, and I think many of their products would make such awesome, creative, personalized gifts. I would definitely recommend them and I thank them for giving me the opportunity to review one of their products.

Outfit Details
Cami: Old Navy size 2x
Blazer: Worthington via JC Penny size XL
Jeans: Source of Wisdom via Torrid size 18
Headband: ShoeDazzle
Earrings: Etsy Shop Sweet as Candy
Necklace: Forever 21
Bag: Bags of Love
Shoes: ShoeDazzle

Cut to the Chase

So my recent obsession is the shoe club, Shoe Dazzle. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s an online store which you sign up for, take a style test, and then shoes, bags, and jewelry sets are chosen for you every month based on your results. Every item is $39.95 and many are inspired by designer brands like L.A.M.B and Missoni. They also feature shoes designed by celebrities for charity, weekly special deals, and reward points for purchases. And in case you don’t see anything you don’t want, you can easily skip a month, hassle and commitment free.

I just signed up with Shoe Dazzle at the beginning of the month, and I am already hooked. Not only do I love their shoes, but their customer service is amazing. They are super friendly and their facebook page is filled with employees and happy customers ready to answer any questions or give advice within minutes of posting.

Since I am not a fan of super high heels, I was afraid that I wouldn’t find too many items that I liked. But I customized my showroom to list flats, wedges, and kitten heels; and I was really happy with the variety of these styles that they provided.

My first purchase was on a flat boot called Chase. I loved the riding boot look of these, and since I am not the biggest fan of brown, I thought the color would go great with a ton of outfits.

Here’s what I wore:

Outfit Stats:
Top: Fashion to Figure size 1x
Cami: NY & Company size XL
Jeans: Source of Wisdom via Torrid size 18
Necklace: Etsy Seller Enchanted Lockets
Ring: Etsy Seller Sweet as Candy
Earrings: Betsey Johnson via TJ Maxx
Shoes: Chase from Shoe Dazzle

Overall the shoes were very comfy, and I am very happy with them. My only complaint, and one that seems true for a lot of Shoe Dazzle shoes, is that they run a little small. They fit my size 8.5 foot, but they were a bit snug in the toe area. If you have a wider foot I would recommend going up half a size in the majority of their shoes (also they carry up to size 11).

So if you are interested in joining Shoe Dazzle I would definitely go for it. You can also just sign up and take the shoe quiz and see some styles with no commitment; you aren’t signed up for the monthly program until you make a purchase. Also, if you sign up using the link below you will receive 20% off your first purchase! Happy Day!

Shoe Dazzle 20% off Link!

PS: This is my honest opinion, I was not paid or endorsed by Shoe Dazzle to write this post, nor am I part of their affiliate program. I paid for their services with my own money and I am a happy customer!

Brains for Breakfast

I have been a long time admirer of Threadless tees for awhile now (my brother the artist is a huge fan of them); I would often scroll through their shirts and many of the designs have amused me but I had yet to be moved to make a purchase. Just recently though they had a $10 tee end of summer sale, so I thought I might take another look on their site. I was happy to find not one but two tees which had to be mine! The first is not only my favorite Cure song ever, but I think it also sums up the relationship I have with my boyfriend pretty well. Since we live a little far apart and due to conflicting work schedules, we only get to see each other on weekends. The rest of the week can be hard but its always Friday we are waiting for.

The second shirt I actually spotted someone wearing at a bar once, and I just thought it was to die for, literally. When I saw it on Threadless I just knew it had to be mine.

In the girl’s sizes it was available in a regular and also a boat neck cut, I really loved the look of the boatneck but it was sold out in larger sizes. So when it arrived I took some scissors to it and made it into an off-the-shoulders cut.

Here is my outfit with Zombie at Tiffany’s

Top: Threadless size 2XL
Bottoms: Tripp via Torrid size 18
Earrings: M.I.A via XSRE
Ring: Lane Bryant
Sneakers: Converse via Journeys

Overall I was happy with my Threadless purchases and I got a lot of compliments on both shirts. My only complaint is that the material is very thin, for a $10 tee I wouldn’t mind it but at the regular $20 price I would expect a little more. The 2XL in women’s fir me just right, if you are any larger though I would recommend the 2x in men’s sizes.

Igigi Review: Gloria Dress

Recently I was asked to write a review for IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel In case you haven’t heard of Igigi, they are an online plus size retailer, which specializes in gorgeous dresses and career wear.  They wear also voted the #1 plus sized fashion retailer by Full Figured Fashion Week.

I chose to review the Gloria Dress in royal blue.

(please ignore the ghost orbs lol)

I really liked this dress because of its retro feel. Its simple enough to wear to work, but the square neck line adds just a bit of sexiness that makes it easy enough to glam it up for drinks or a date. I felt that the dress looked best with an added belt, but it would also look good with a blazer or some colored tights.

I ordered in a size 14/16. According to the size chart I’m actually in between Igigi’s size 14 and 16 so this optioned worked great for me and fit perfectly. Although if you have a large bust, you might want to go up a size since it is so fitted in that area.

My only complaint was that there was a slight sewing mistake in one of the dress pockets. On one side there was an extra stitch closing the pocket in an odd way. However it could be easily mended by just cutting out the extra stitch, so it wasn’t a big deal.

sewing error in the left side pocket

right side pocket was fine

Overall I would definitely recommend IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel; they are a great alternative to the many “junior trending” plus size retailer. They offer serious glam for the working girl without the dowdiness that is so often found in women’s plus size lines.

Please check them out at
They are also on facebook
and twitter!/IGIGI

Gotta Have Faith

A little while ago I made my first visit ever to a forever 21 store that carries the Faith 21 line, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. When I first heard that F21 was really a plus line, I was happy because they do some really cute stuff at nice prices, but I was also a little hesitant since many times their prices aren’t the only thing that’s cheap. I was expecting not so great quality and possibly poor fit. When I saw their sizing online I was even more discouraged (a 3x = an 18!) and hesitant to order anything online. The nearest store that carried the line was in a mall about an hour away (and luckily near my boyfriend’s house) so after seeing a lot of cute things I decided to make the trek and finally check it out in person.

On entering the store, I thought like so many others, the plus items would be pushed to the back in no man’s land discouraging any straight size customers from wandering back there and dare seeing a fat person by mistake. But the items were sectioned off nicely in the middle section of the side of the store, after the straight sizes, but before the clearance. Everything was displayed nicely (a little messy) but there was a sales assoc. there straightening things up and helping out customers. I quickly went rummaging through the racks and found an armful of items to try on. I picked out mostly items in a 2x since that is their 16, but a lot of the 1x’s looked pretty room, so I alternated through some sizes. I’m glad I waited to go to the store because a lot of things that I loved online I thought were gross in person and vice versa, and there was a lot of surprises hiding in those racks.

Here’s what I ended up getting:

1X, Not quite sure when or where I’ll wear this dress, but its such a pretty color and the bottom skirt sparkles and falls in a really pretty way, I couldn’t pass it up.

3X The belt loops were ripped on this skirt, an easy sewing fix, and I got it for half off.

1X I love the print on this dress, it has shoes and cakes and forks and Eiffel towers lol so cute. Even in the 1x though the top and shoulders felt really big on me. I’m not sure if it’s just the style of it or if I should take it in a little bit (OOTD post coming soon).

2X, this is one of the items that I didn’t like online but looked really cute in person.

2X I love the print on this top so much, normally a style I don’t usually go for, I prefer tops with some kind of waist, but I was really happy with the look of it.

Some other items

Tried this on in a 2x, the zipper detail was really cool looking and even had a bit of sparkle, but the shirt didn’t have enough stretched and the parts with the zipper pulled in, felt way too tight, and gave it an odd shape.

Tried on in a 2x. If I was still in high school I would be all over this top, I love anything with a big cat! But it was just a little too baggy and drapey looking for me. Not sure if a 1x would have been better, I decided to leave it in my youthful past. Though I must say this is one of the cases were the quality surprised me. The material was so soft and not thin at all like you would expect from other junior line tees.

Kudos Faith 21, you made me a happy shopper, and I will definitely not hesitate again on making the trip. Because the sizes seemed kind of off for me, I probably won’t be ordering online anytime soon, but I’m already making a wishlist for my next trip!

He Punched the Highlights out of her hair!

This summer was a great season for nerdy movies and the king of them all is without a doubt Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. If you were a child of the 80s, grew up playing Legend of Zelda, and love great music and offbeat humor than this movie is completely perfect for you.

The plot is fun and packed with a ton of really cute nerdy/hunky boys to drool over (hello I’ve been in love with Jason Schwartzman since Rushmore. The humor is pretty dry and random, which can understandably turn some people off. A lot of scenes are just like having a normal, silly conversation with your friends, which makes the movie comfortable and easy to get into, but can also sometimes feel a bit slow. The action scenes, however are surprisingly high-tech. I was expecting low-budget silliness, but it really looks and feels like these normal kids are living in a video game. The soundtrack is really one of the greatest I’ve heard in a while. Besides a lot of awesome indie covers and originals, the score is completed by random video games sounds, and even a bit of the Seinfeld opening theme.

One of my favorite things about the movie though is the cast, there are many unknowns and some familiar faces, but what I like is that everyone looks so normal. People look like the age they are playing (no 35 year olds pretending to be high school students.) Everyone looks like someone you could run into on the street or be friends with. I think that is one of the reasons why this movie lets you feel so comfortable in it. You never question why Michael Cera has super flying strength or why these random dudes can shoot fire balls. It’s just a matter of the game. One of my favorite character’s was Roxie, one of Ramona’s evil exes, she is cute, a little on the plus side, acts like the perfect mini boss, and has one of the greatest lines in the movies.

Any if you’re in the mood to spend ten bucks to have a little fun, and live out your video game fantasies, I definitely recommend it!