If I had a Money Tree: Fashion to Figure

Even though the temperatures are still broiling and my air conditioner is cranked up, I can’t help looking into the fashions that are slowly appearing for my favorite season, autumn. Okay the thought of wearing a sweater right now is actually making me sweat, but there are a lot of good seasonal transition pieces available too.

Today I was checking out the Fashion to Figure website for what they are offering for the cooler weather. If you have one of these stores near you I would definitely check them out; they carry clothes similar to Torrid but at a much cheaper price point. However if you are shopping online I would be a little wary since their sizing are not very consistent. Although I haven’t shopped with them in a few years, my in-store experiences have been filled with a lot of dressing room time, with some items running huge on me while in others I had to go up to a 3x. They do have a free return policy online though, so that is always good to keep in mind too.

I was really happy with the styles featured on their site for late summer/early fall. They have definitely increased their game in the casual/work wear department, while still keeping a lot of fun, clubby pieces too. In the past I have often felt that a lot of their items wear too junior’s department and the went a little overboard on the animal print (and trust me I love leopard). But I was surprised too see a more grown up feel to their pieces, while still adding a little bit of edge. There were just so many things I was adding to my wishlist, I thought it might be time to be planting my money tree!

Here’s what I’m loving right now…

fashion to figure


My main squeeze is that Matte Sateen Tunic Dress, the color is so perfect for the seasonal transition and it is simple enough that it can be dressed up or down in a million different ways. I also can’t get over that “mullet style” color block maxi dress; it’s a very chic look that I wasn’t expecting from Fashion to Figure. And how cute is that herringbone poncho coat, it’s something I normally wouldn’t go for, but I am just drawn to the floral print on the shoulders.

So what are you looking forward to in fall fashions? Have you ever shopped Fashion to Figure before, what were you experiences? Are you ready to transition from summer to fall?


If I had a Money Tree: Evans

Speaking of mega sales, Evans is also having a great 50% off sale! While I was perusing their site, I just had to start making a wishlist of all the things I was in love with, well it turned out I fall in love very easily because I ended up making three wishlists!

Here is how I would show off my laid back, bohemian style for summer with Evans.

Boho Evans

Boho Evans by kittywitch9 on Polyvore.com

I’ve always been a huge fan of peacock prints, and I’m especially loving the orange colors in the praslin top that you wouldn’t normally see in that style. The Black paisley print skirt also reminds a bit of a peacock, and I think would look so sexy and gypsy-like styled with some silver jewelry and maybe a gladiator or strappy sandal. Also can I just say how freaking adorable is that purple flowered head band! It’s so perfect, if anyone has it I would love to see pictures of it in use.

Evans is also taking care of my retro love for summer.

Retro Evans

Retro Evans by kittywitch9 on Polyvore.com

First off those bathing suits, I’m really loving that fact that retro/pin up style bathing suits are so in this summer, because they really look so fabulous on the curvier figure. I feel like I’ve been searching for something like them forever and this year they seem to be everywhere! I hope the trend lasts for awhile. Also just how cute is that black and red floral skirt. It looks perfect to be dressed up or down and it could take you easily into the other seasons as well.

One of my new favorite looks for summer though is Tropical, and Evans has taken good care of this one.

Tropical Evans

Tropical Evans by kittywitch9 featuring Ruby Rocks

With these items I can see myself in movie from the sixties staring Elvis, drinking out of coconut, getting ready for some beach blanket boogie! My favorite is the Floral pacific skirt, but I am also falling hard for the colors in the Lovedrobe floral panel skirt.

So umm yeah can I has everything please! If only money trees existed, le sigh.

Memoirs of a Kitty

I’m sure you all know by now that I am completely obsessed with Hello Kitty. When I heard a while back that one of my favorites stores, Sephora, would be carrying a line of Hello Kitty cosmetics I completely flipped out and really had to hold back from ordering one of everything. Now that the excitement has died down a little bit, Sephora is introducing some new items in a collection called “Memoirs of a Kitty,” featuring Japanese inspired items with a cherry blossom design.

Yes, you have my attention again, and I want one of everything please!

The collection includes a cosmetic case, a notebook, and a new eye shadow and blush palette.

Oh and hello, Sephora is also selling two items that have come straight from my wildest fantasies.

The container with brush set and hand mirror are made from Swarovski crystals and sell for $495 and $350 respectively, so umm yeah get into my life please.

If I had a money tree: Domino Dollhouse

I’ve been on a clothing spending freeze for a little while now, but as spring rolls in and stores are coming out with lots of cute new items, my will is slowly breaking down. One of these shops is Domino Dollhouse. They are great site if you are looking for an alternative to what’s available on the plus size market.  They carry lots of cool punk and retro inspired items while still playing with bright colors and fun patterns.

Here are some of items that I am dying to have in my closet right now.

I am absolutely nuts over the high-waisted suspender skirt. It just might be the one to break my shopping fast. Also how amazing is that turban hat. Turbans are getting more popular, but I’m still pretty hesitant to try them. They give off such an old school glamor, this hat might be the easiest way to break into this trend. I am also loving the lime green items. Its a color you don’t see to much, especially in plus size stores. But that skirt looks like a great piece for spring, without being to overwhelmingly bright. And how cool would it look with that awesome floral hat. Paired with some doc martin’s I think that might be a Clarissa Darling dream.

If I had a Money Tree: City Chic

The USA keeps on getting more and more fatshionable. First Asos.com started up their US site with awesome sales and free shipping. Now City Chic, the Australian plus size retailer,  is coming to America’s internet shores. City Chic offers us more trendy plus size club and casual wear options, as well as some beautiful prom and cocktail dresses. Although the website so far is not as extensive as its Australian site, I’m hoping they will be offering just as many options soon. Here are a few of my favorite picks from the site.

Frill Heart Dress – Dresses – City Chic
$72 – citychiconline.com

Dresses – City Chic
$68 – citychiconline.com

Prom Tuille Dress – Dresses – City Chic
$99 – citychiconline.com

Dresses – City Chic
$68 – citychiconline.com

Tops – City Chic
$52 – citychiconline.com

Outerwear – City Chic
$62 – citychiconline.com

Outerwear – City Chic
$62 – citychiconline.com

Tops – City Chic
$52 – citychiconline.com

Dresses – City Chic
$88 – citychiconline.com

Tops – City Chic
$52 – citychiconline.com

Tops – City Chic
$52 – citychiconline.com

I absolutely adore the heart polka dot dressed modeled by Fluvia Lacerda. Its too adorable but unfortunately I can’t think of any place where I could wear it. I did however order the pink heart sweater and this more casual polka dot dress:

My only complaint is that the prices seem a little high. Since this is my first order with them I am hoping that the quality of the pieces match the price. There is a bright side though. Right now City Chic is offering a 30% discount to US costumers as well as free shipping. You just have to enter the code CR30FS.

If I had a money tree: Tarina Tarantino Edition

One of the great things about the Sims games is that you get to grow money trees; oh just one of the many reason that real life should be like the Sims.

Anyway, Tarina Tarantino is having a Labor Day Sale going on this weekend, 20% off your entire purchase!!! So if you’ve had our eye on something, now is probably the best time to get it. Not going to lie, even without my money tree I picked up a couple of things. (If life were more like the sims I would also receive them instantly, right in my room lol). But there are just too many damn cute things on that website. Besides all of her regular jewelry I am just obsessed with all of her special lines. How does she know to make things out of all the stuff I love? Why does she torture me so?

I really love some of the non-Alicey flower pieces in this line. I just kind of wish she made more Cheshire cat pieces instead of the Mad Hatter; most people only like the Mad Hatter when he’s Johnny Depp and even then he is a little too creepy.

Oh I just love, love, love the Glinda pieces, she has always been my absolute favorite character from the movie. And all of the “bubble” items are just so beautiful and haute looking, too bad they also have some pretty couture prices. I also really like the jade colored Dorothy pieces. Not quite sure why though, I guess you would always expect light blue to be matched with her; the jade shows off some of that Irish flair she is supposed to have.

Oh Barbie, one of those things us girls (especially us clothes-loving girls) never seem to grow out of. I did a Barbie post a little while ago(Wrapped in Plastic) but these deserve another mention. I am obsessed with the Queen of the Prom pieces, and that blue heart necklace is one of the ones I finally picked up. I just love these all though, they give off that perfect fun Barbie flair without seeming childish at all.

And of course, Hello Kitty. Oh if I could just have everything from this line, I couldn’t fit all of them into this little square so these are just really a few of my favorites. The Gothic Lolita pieces are definitely my top choice. I already have a bracelet in this and I bought these earrings in the sale. But the ring is what I really want, it’s so gorg but at eighty bucks its going to have to wait. I also adore all the Bridal items, they are just so elegant, and if you are a little intimidated wearing Hello Kitty on your wedding day, I think they would be perfect for the rehearsal dinner or bridal shower.

So in conclusion, Dear Tarina, you and your items are perfect, wonderful, fun, classy, elegant, have attitude, and our major wants; but alas your prices are not. But a girl can dream right, and this sale is a nice step in the right direction!

If I had a money tree: B and Lu Edition

In case you didn’t know Skorch magazine is giving away a $100 B and Lu gift certificate. All you have to do is post an outfit pic to their facebook page. Well, B and Lu is definitely one of my favorite online store to stalk, so of course I entered and I’m really hoping to win. I am constantly on the B and Lu page just haven’t brought myself to place an order with them yet. From reading online it seems that they have really great customer service and everything, but you know there is always still some fear in ordering something online from a brand you are unfamiliar with. So let me know, have you ever ordered from B and Lu? How was your experience? How is the fit and quality of their clothing?

In anticipating of winning lol, I created a Polyvore set of some of my favorite items from the B & Lu website.

B & Lu

Probably my favorite item is the orange and turquoise Kieko dress. Something about the color combination, it’s very different from what I usually go for, but I am just absolutely loving it for spring/summer.

They also have some really cool t shirts available now, but unfortunately I am an a t-shirt buying ban. I recently counted the number of tees i own, and its reaching 100, and since I have to dress professional for work now, I really don’t even get to wear them often. It’s really hard though, passing up all the cute Hello Kitty tees there are in the world le sigh…