No one else is the same, Jem is my name

I don’t know why but I am in such a mood for Jem today!

She’s been a personal hero of mine for years. I mean how can she not! Just check out her truly truly outrageous fashion sense.

I also found some totally awesome Jem inspired necklaces on Etsy!

Etsy Seller HeadlessTessDIY

Etsy seller Artallnight

Etsy Seller GlamInsanity

Etsy Seller Candeegurl

And if you are looking to dress like Jem, Domino Dollhouse has truly, truly got you covered!

Jem Inspired Domino Dollhouse

Dollhouse tube top

Dollhouse layered skirt

Dollhouse shoes

Dollhouse black ring

Dollhouse pink earrings

Dollhouse ring

Now all I need is to find is some magical earrings!

On a side note:

Don’t forget to vote for me in 365Hangers Style a Shape contest! I am currently in 3rd place and I could really use some votes. Voting is super easy, you must have a facebook account, click on the link here, and then like my picture. I am one of the few plus sized entries in a contest about styling for your shape and it would mean so much to me if I won, so please check it out!


In A Big Country

I’ve been feeling quite blue recently. It’s probably because this winter seems to be looming on forever, along with job woes, and just feelings of loneliness and laziness; its been difficult for me to look on the bright side of things lately. I need some more things to look forward to in life. 

There’s this song that I really, really love; its super 80s cheese but the lyrics are so uplifting and it makes me smile whenever I hear it.

The one lyric that I always hold onto in my head; “I’m not expecting go far as any desert, but I can look, and breathe, and see the sun in winter time.” Sadly the leader singer of the band, Stuart Adamson, killed himself about ten years ago. Sometimes I feel like all the artists I like have or probably will kill themselves; I can’t even escape this through campy 80s music. It’s quite a bit depressing, but at the same time it makes me hold on to it and love it even more. If their words or art or music can help just one person get through a tough day, or just touch them, or make them smile; then they are truly living on through their work. They have not been forgotten, their art has made them immortal.

Anyway here’s a fun, happy-times outfit post (sadly with no short shorts or mullet lol).

Cardigan: Beth Ditto for Evans UK size 20
Top: Dorothy Perkins UK size 20
Pants: Seven jeans via Ideeli size 18
Shoes: Really really old from Bakers
Necklace: Tarina Tanrantino
Bracelets: Miss Selfridge
Ring: I think from Kohls, also pretty old.

After I wore this outfit I decided it was time for me to find myself a new pair of pink shoes. Although these are super cute, they are definitely starting to show their age. Its amazing, no matter how many shoes I have, I can still always think of new ones that I need. The first step to recovery is admitting that you’re addicted, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon!

Also I really love this cardigan from the Beth Ditto collection, it’s so sweet and innocent looking and so easy to wear with anything. It can go casual and cute like this outfit, or I can fancy it up and wear it with a dress, or it could even go for a fun edgy rockabilly look with a band tee and jeans. There is one thing I wish I could change about it though, I wish it were reversible! Look how pretty the inside is…

I love the gold sparkles!

Wrapped in Plastic

There’s this random truck stop by my house that has a bunch of really random stores. You know the kinds that sell used mens shoes, or just a bunch of toys and baby car seats laid out in the parking lot. Well my bf discovered this one extra random store that sells used video games (some recent ones, some going back to Atari and ColecoVision). They also have a great collection of Tiffany CDs, R2D2 telephones, and really awful 70s Horror/porn films. Well to get to my point, they also had a bunch of totally awesome 80s collector Barbies, like the holiday editions (They even had a pair of X Files Barbies!) It got me thinking back to the Barbies I had when I was young. Of course I had a whhhhoooolle bunch of dolls and even bigger collection of clothes. But every once in a while I would receive one of these collector Barbies, that my parents would let me take it out of the box just to touch the fabric of her clothes and brush her hair, but I had to meticulously preserve them and proudly display. My favorite was my Gone With the Wind Barbie.

But I also had some really cool original Barbie stuff that actually belonged to my mom when she was a girl. (Too bad these weren’t meticulously preserved though, otherwise I wouldn’t have to be worrying about this job now)
Like the Barbie Queen of the Prom Board Game

Originally from 1961, I recently saw it in Lord Taylors reproduced and resold in the original form.

I also loved this carrying case, what a cute and fun purse this would make now

I kind of hate that Barbie gets such a bad rap now, because growing up she was a major part of my life. She was something my mother shared with me, and maybe someday I will share her with my daughter. I never remember ever thinking about how I wish I looked like her or that I was depressed or jealous of her image or figure. The one thing that I really loved was the clothes! And yes that has certainly rubbed off on me today. I loved to dress her up in crazy things, braid her hair a million different ways, and maybe even color a bit with pink highlighters. So I think if anything Barbie has given me a great , though some might say materialistic, influence, as I love getting dressed in the morning, and I always try to show off through my clothes the fun, confident girl I am, just like Barbie was.

Anyway, now that I’m older I’ve since stored all my collectables, but that doesn’t mean I love Barbie any less. there are waaaay too many fun things out there for the grown up Barbie girl.

Barbie has a whole section called The Barbie Lounge , where they not only sell Barbie Dolls wearing classic Asos LBDs but also tons of really beautiful, but also kind of expensive, Barbie purses and clutches from Paul’s Boutique.

If you’re looking for something a little different, check out Tookata People where they take classic Barbie images, like the original Striped Bathing Suit Barbie, and turn her into a modern, fun, super-cute, almost anime-ish looking doll.

For classic nostalgia, look no further than Tarina Tarantino, who has made jewelry pieces from about every great era of Barbie, even my beloved Queen of the Prom!

Also Torrid and Hot Topic always have fun Barbie T-shirts and other accessories for the Plus sized gal. In fact the Torrid Barbie Tees shown above are part of Torrid’s 50% off sale going on right now!

For more fun and sometimes weird Barbie stuff and artwork check out Etsy, she is a huge inspiration there. I also found this really amusing Tumblr page, Barbie Is Not a Bitch!