Put a Bird on It

My new favorite trend right now is birds! Beautiful birds and feathers are everywhere right now, form jewelry to home decor, and they swooping into fashion big time. (
Sorry that will be my only bird pun, I promise!) I am definitely into this trend full force. I mean you can have a sad little tote bag, but once you put a bird on it, gasp “did you see that bag before!”

Here are some of my favorite bird items I’ve spotted.

Put a bird on it

Bird prints are perfect going into spring and summer. Plus it is a really easy trend to work with because it can be styled in so many different ways. Bird cage prints like the Torrid top and Asos and Lucie Lu dresses can be styled with pastels and light flower fabrics for a vintage romantic look. The Yours bird tops and anything with owls and be worn with more edgy or 70s inspired pieces for hipster, hippie, or rock festival trends. And take your peacock prints and anything with feathers and turn it into a sexy, tropical summer look.

How do you feel about birds, do you love it as much as I do or are you flying the coop on this trend (Sorry I know I had to!) I am currently redecorating my room with a bird cage print bed set and little birdie wall decals, and now I am looking for bird prints to add to my wardrobe. So I guess I am going in completely with this trend.

Also can’t go without posting this…


Pineapple Express

I love it when an outfit can completely change your mood. I had been a little depressed lately and I wasn’t sure at first about this insanely bright and colorful outfit. But as soon as I had it on for a few minutes, I started to feel incredible cheerful and silly.

I feel like I should be an extra on the old kid’s show Gullah Gullah Island; in fact I was singing the theme song for most of the day.

Outfit Details:
Top: Asos size 14
Pants: Asos Curve size 18
Flower: Asos
Earrings: Claire’s
Necklace: Express
Watch: Daytrip via ShoeDazzle
Shoes: Andie via ShoeDazzle

I had been admiring these pants for awhile and as soon as they went on sale I had to have them. I was looking for a top to go with them when I stumbled across this one. When I received it, it was much more over sized then I expected and I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to keep it. But like I said, the longer I wore it, the more giddy I got, and the more I loved it.

Do outfits ever effect your mood, can you put on a shirt or dress and your day is instantly brightened? I know when we wear ill fitting or things we are uncomfortable in, it can instantly dampen your mood and ruin your day. But what about the opposite effect? What are your go to happy clothes?

Accesorize Your Rights: Fab Faux Fur

We just had our first snow fall of the year this weekend, and I was not ready for it. I think my mind is still lost somewhere in the Caribbean, and I am just refusing to except that it is freezing here. The snow finally forced me to pull out my big puffy coat, some ear warmers, leather gloves, scarves, more stuff to keep me warm. But rather than venturing too much outside, I am more of a fan of snuggling in bed with a furry kitty.

But now I can have both, lol, not really, my cats are waaay too smart to go outside when its cold. But I can still have furriness! Faux fur is making as comeback in a really great way. It has always been a trend I have shied away from. I remember when I worked out Torrid, every year we world get a huge, long, black furry trench coat, which we lovingly nicknamed “The Gorilla.” Even fur vests, I think they look great on other people, but they are just not for me. This year we are seeing a lot of faux fur in smaller doses in beautiful winter accessories.

Here are a few of my favorites from Asos:


faux by kittywitch9 featuring mid calf socks

$13 – asos.com

$11 – asos.com

$8.06 – asos.com

River island
$13 – asos.com

$7.16 – asos.com

$8.95 – asos.com

Mid calf socks
$15 – asos.com

ASOS hair accessory
$18 – asos.com

Asos Faux Fur Muffler
$11 – asos.com

I’ve had a secret love of muffs ever since I was a little girl. Victorian chic, although beautiful, might not always be so convenient, but I am loving the furry cuffs! They are such a great way to add a touch of color and whimsy to often drab winter outerwear. Of course peter pan collars seem to be everywhere lately, and these furry ones would look great over peacoats along with your favorite sweaters or dresses. Also how cute are those furry cuffed socks, they would look great over so many different pairs of boots and I bet they are super comfy too. Another great thing is a lot of these items are on clearance now, some are even under $10.

What do you think, have you been wearing faux fur this winter? Would you try it in bright colors or do you prefer to keep it more natural looking? Or do you think furriness should just stay on the animals?

Show your Bows

Here’s an outfit I wore recently for a night out with friends.

Top: City Chic size small
Shorts: Asos size 18 but taken in because they were too large at the waist.
Bow pin: taken off another shirt from New Look
Ring: NY & Company
Earrings: Miss Selfridge
Bracelet: Craft Show
Shoes: JC Penney
Bag: Gift from a friend, from Hot Topic i think

I’m not going to lie, as much as I am in love with these shoes, they didn’t make it past the getting ready stage. Even though I’ve worn them to work a few times and out on dates, I realized that they probably would not be good for $2 drink specials, dancing, and most likely falling over; so I opted for a pair of ballet flats instead.

Let’s talk about how cute this shirt is for a minute though. I don’t think you can see it from the pictures, but the bows covering it have little polka dots on them, It was like the most perfect shirt ever…almost.

I just felt like something was missing, and that was of course a GIANT BOW!
I removed a bow pin that came with another shirt of mine and tried it on with this top. Voila! It was a matched made in cuteness heaven and I was in love!

Now for the velvet shorts; I bought these a while ago from Asos expecting to wear them more for winter and with tights underneath. But I seem to be having a hard time figuring out what size I am in their bottoms. Their tops and dresses run pretty big and I can often go down to even a size 14; so according to their measurements I thought I would be safe ordering a 16 in bottoms. I ordered to pairs of jeans in 16s and I could barely get them up my thighs. I exchanged them for 18s and bought these shorts in an 18 with them. The shorts were huge, one pair of the jeans fit great, and the other fir but gaps like crazy around my waist and is still a little tight on my thighs. After I altered these shorts, I was very happy with them, and anything velvet pleases me greatly so I may wear them more for summer evenings. I am probably not going to be ordering any more pants from Asos though as I would need to be able to try them on first.

Accesorize Your Rights: Beaded Necklaces

Ever since I was young, my main fashion staples have been made up of accessories. I try to add something fun to every outfit, and scarves, belts, and especially jewelry are some of my favorite style accomplices. This mostly started because when I was younger and didn’t have much choices in clothes because of my size, accessories always fit, therefore I went crazy with them. So I decided to start a new segment on the blog, Accessorize Your Rights, where I post finds of some of my favorite on trend accessories right now.

For spring and summer the hippie/bohemian trend seems to be around every year, and one of the best accessories that goes along with this style are beaded necklaces. This is a very simple addition to your wardrobe which can be very cheap but can also add a very chic element to your outfit. It is also great for do it yourself-ers who love to make their own jewelry.

This year we are seeing a lot of diversity in beads in size, shape, and color. Here are some cool finds from around the net.


necklaces by kittywitch9 featuring chain jewelry
Small seed beads are my favorite to work with when creating my own jewelry, and I especially love that fringe necklace from Forever 21. I also love the color and size combo in the Mix It necklace from JC Penney. Can I also just add the elephant necklace from Tarina Tarantino is just too cute for words.

I love how there is so much diversity in this trend. You can use aqua or coral beads to give your outfit an ocean-loving mermaid vibe. Seed beads and rope beads are great for the hippie chic look. Big beads give off a cool retro feel.  And funky shapes and metallics can be used to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe.

So how will you be wearing beads this summer.

Polka Dot Love

I have really been trying to be good with buying new clothes. I’ve only made about one or two purchases since the new year and those were on pants and leggings which I desperately needed.

But then I saw this dress and my will was broken.

It was all I ever dreamed of and more! Polka dots and a perter pan collar, and the color just made it more retro and fun looking. But $50 dollars was a lot for my clearance rack wallet, and I hemmed and hawed over it. Until finally I decided that the color (which I loved) would look terrible against my skin tone, and I put the dress out of my mind.

But the one day who should I see but the gorgeous Lauren from Pocket Rocket wearing this same dress, and it looked absolutely wonderful against her porcelain skin tone. That was it. I was done for. I ordered the dress that night. (Of course two days later I recieved a coupon code from Asos, cest la vie.)

When the dress came in the mail, I couldn’t be more happier. I fell in more in love with it, and decided that every last penny was well spent. I was also in luck because I had a baby shower coming up and an occasion (and an excuse) to wear it.

Dress: Asos Curve size 16
Tights: I forget, most likely Torrid
Belt: Torrid
Shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW
Earrings: Betsey Johnson via Ebay
Bracelets: Gifts
Ring Etsy seller grigio

Looking Out for Spring: Crochet

Some people got a sneak preview of this post, because Polyvore decided to publish it without me knowing, whoops, so I’m deciding to write it up a little earlier than I had planned.

One of the trends I’ve been noticing a lot going along with the boho look for spring is crocheted items like cardigans, vests, and bags. This is something I’ve always liked seeing on other people but I’ve never tried it myself. Some things like the vests I’m afraid will look a little too “far out man” and like I should be painting peace signs on my cheeks. But this season the crocheted look has been toned down a bit and seems easier to pull off, so I may just give it a chance. Here are some examples of crocheted fashion that I’ve seen around the web that I like.

ASOS pleated dress
$63 – asos.com

Dresses dress


$48 – citychiconline.com

T shirt

$37 – shopruche.com

$20 – onestopplus.com

Forever21 crochet vest
$19 – canada.forever21.com

Crochet vest
$18 – torrid.com


River Island crochet shoes
$54 – asos.com

I especially love the bright coral bag from Asos, it looks so fun and would add a burst of color to any outfit. I love the color coral but it looks terrible against my skin tone, so I can only buy it in accessories. I also like the black batwing top from Torrid, it gives off an awesome hippie flair without going overboard. And those sandals from Evans are really just too die for.

So what do you think? Have you jumped on the crocheted craze yet? How are you wearing it?