Caught my Eye Friday

Here is some cool stuff I found around the internetz this week!

Like most of the world I am obsessed with Henri Le Chat Noir. But I feel akin to him in many ways, he may be my new spirit animal.

Le sigh

Continuing on that depressing note, this song pretty much sums up the fears of a generation in a truly funny sad a way.

Okay let’s cheer up please, bring on the cute stuff!

Check out these totes amazeballs shoes from Etsy seller Pony Chops. (Pictures link to shop.)

Each of these hand painted shoes are so unique and fun and are sure to garner a lot of attention and squees of cuteness! They run about a hundred US dollars, and they also take custom orders so you can get a pair in your size or a print of you wildest kawaii dreams.

In other cute shoes news, is has some of the Twenty10 Hello Kitty Footwear on sale for the next few days.

I already have these two

Now I grabbed these two!

Asos is having their mid season sale right now, and a bunch of their Curve line is on sale. Here are a few of my favorites (Pictures link to site).

This cute nautical dress comes in red or navy and is marked down to $29!

This color is everywhere right now, and this top is only $22!

I got these zippered leggings in their last sale. Super comfy and only $20!

This beautiful Aztec print skirt is complete with a knitted pom pom detail, marked down to $32.

More collars please! And some detail to your usual Wednesday Adams look in this dress. It also comes in a pretty purple and on sale for $32.

Seriously debating on whether or not to get these shorts, marked down to $33.

This metallic shift dress keeps calling my name, and marked down to $45 it’s calling even louder.

And to close this edition of Caught my Eye Friday, here is the Queen Cat we must all bow down to.


Oh My Gawd Shoes: Poetic License

One of my favorite brands of now is Poetic License. I am absolutely obsessed with them. They are one of the few brands out today making truly unique, yet still very wearable styles.

This season many of their shoes are representing a vintage, early 1900s, yet they still look very modern. Here are a few of my favorites. (Click on images for details.)

I recently wore this outfit with a pair of Poetic License shoes that I bought from their summer clearance Ideeli sale. The style is called Magical Sunset. I had been looking for a pair of floral shoes for awhile and I just fell in love with these. They have everything I want; flowers, hearts, rhinestones, and cuteness!

Outfit Details:
Top and Cami: Torrid size 1
Pants: Tripp via Torrid size 18
Necklace: Pree Brulee gift from friend
Ring: Payless
Bracelets: Assorted stores
Shoes: Poetic License via Ideeli

Velvet and Love

Life has been pretty boring lately; I haven’t been doing much and haven’t had too many reasons to dress for anything fun, thus the lack of posts lately. But I wanted to post today, just to clarify to the entire internet world that I am in love with Velvet.  It’s one of my favorite trends and fabrics ever. It feels so luxurious lol even though it’s probably really cheap.  I want to wear everyday or until it gets too hot out, then I will go somewhere cold and wear it some more.

Here is an outfit with double velvet…

(Once again I have to apologize for poor picture quality, I have to play with my camera settings and figure out why they keep coming out like this)

Velvet top: New Look UK size 20
Cardigan: Torrid size 1
Grey jeggings: Forever 21+ size 2x
Velvet headband: Asos
Earrings: Metropark (gift from the bf)
Watch: Betsey Johnson (Gift from mom)
Bangle: Torrid
Shoes: Joan and David via Shoe Woo

This was my first time shopping with New Look and I was very happy with my purchases, it definitely won’t be the last. The top also featured lace shoulders and back.

So yes this outfit contains velvet, florals, and lace; I’m so girly.

I also want to brag about my shoes! I’ve been on the search for the perfect pair of metallic oxfords since trying on a clearance pair at Kohl’s and putting them back because I thought they might have been too tacky. Since that day I have been longing for that tackyness back in my life. I found these beauties on the last days of’s closing clearance sale. The beautiful pewter color made them look so fun but gave a more subdued look and professionalism compared to the original cheapy pair I wanted. And trusted me these were not cheap either, their original price was $180!!! But I picked them up at a steal of $40 bucks, shoe worshippers delight!

11/11 wishes

Dress: Asos size 14
Leggings: torrid size 1
Belt: NY & Comp. XL
Shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW
Earrings: Lia Sophia
Saint Bracelet: dollar store
Necklace: Egypt
Scarf: Express

I wish Asos orders wouldn’t get lost and take a month to get to my house.
I wish these beautiful shoes were a tad more comfortable, I would wear them everyday if I could.
I wish it didn’t get so cold so soon; it’s November but it feels like January outside.
I wish I had more places to go to where I can dress up fancy.
I wish I could see the people I love more often.
I wish there was an extra day in the week.
I wish I wasn’t so shy sometimes.
I wish I could travel more, I feel the need to get away.

Happy Halloween

My Hello Kitty Jack o’lantern

This year I was a bobbysoxer! I love dressing in styles from different eras, because let’s face it, their clothes were so much fancier and more fun than ours.

The skirt and earrings I made myself, polo shirt from Walmart, cardigan from Hot Topic, since it was cold I also wore a faux leather biker jacket from New York and Co., Scarf from my mom (which I lost during the night, so sad), Socks from ebay, shoes from Payless.

I was really happy because this was one of the first costumes in a while that I could with my glasses and sensible shoes!

I hope everyone had an awesome time celebrating my favorite holiday and I hope you all indulged on tons of candy and chocolate! What did you dress as, were you sexy or sweet, or a little bit in between?

2/50 Platform Sandals (Not Quite)

I wanted to make this set one word, adorable, and I think I acomplished it pretty well.  The brooches I used as frames in the background are just too cute for words.  The two felt ones are from which is a must check out.  All the items there just have such a fun, quirky, vintage feel and I want just about everything on there.  The dress from Torrid (which I think is still available on clearance now) is super sweet and playful, and paired with the light pink LAMB sandals adds just a touch of sexiness, while still looking like the girl next door.

For my real life addition, I swore for some reason, that the sandals I owned were platforms.  It wasn’t until I was taking the pictures that it finally cleicked in my head that they are wedges. Oh well.  I think the only other thing I owned that could be close to a platform snadals, was a pair of those ridiculous platform flip flops that were popular around the same time as the Spice Girls, that I finally threw out about a year ago.

Never again


 Anyway Ootd featuring “wannabe” platform sandals.


Top: Faith 21

Capris, earrings: Torrid

Stretch Ring: New York and Company

Shoes: Unlisted via DSW

I also wore these shoes a few months ago for a wedding.  Unfortunately they weren’t as comfortable as I wanted them to be.  I wore them most of the night but had to change into flats later on at the reception when dancing was necessary.

Dress, Shrug, and hair accessories: Torrid

Necklace and earrings: Lia Sophia

And well just for old times sake

New Challenge Pumps 1/50

So I had been blogging pretty consistently for a long time when I discovered the site Polyvore.  I found a lot of bloggers using it and thought it would be a great tool for me. Then like so many other black holes of the internet, it began to consume my life.  Not really lol, but it became a great time killer, I could sneak onto it at work, it was unleashing my creativity in a fun, easy, and relaxing way; and pretty soon I was on there more than I was blogging.  Then I lost my job.  And though I gained a lot more free time, I lost a lot of confidence and a reason to leave my house. I wasn’t dressing up, I wasn’t being cute or creative in pretty much anything, and I was losing all reason to ever get back into a healthy blogging schedule.

But I’m back now, or at least I’m trying a bit harder to get back to the place I was once, and to help me get there I’m starting a little challenge for myself on here.  I got the idea from of course Polyvore.  They have lots of neat little set making challenges, like make 50 sets in different styles or different items.  One of the challenges I completed was to make 50 different sets with 50 different types of shoes.  I thought it would be fun  to challenge myself a little more and make each of my sets using only plus size clothing and models, because I really feel like there is not enough of that on Polyvore.  Anyway I had a lot of fun completing the challenge, when I got the idea to try in real life.  Show my polyvore set and then do an outfit of the day with 50 different types of shoes.  Well I confess I’m already a shoes whore and probably already have well over 50 pairs of shoes, it would be a fun challenge for me to get me dressing up again (and hopefully getting out of the house too!) and okay, an excuse to buy any type of shoe that I don’t already have. (Maybe I’ll try to weed out my collection a bit too and get rid of some of the types i have too many of.)

So here is the first one: Pumps

1/50 Pumps

1/50 Pumps by kittywitch9 featuring high heel shoes

Black Surplice Bandage Dress, $43
Annees Folles 140 pumps, $767
Gold Crystal Jeweled Heart Clutch, $630 18k Two Tone Gold Snake Earrings with Multi Color…, $2,150
Alkemie + Rose Cocktail Ring, $130
Alkemie + Snake Cuff, $190
(You’re also going to get to see my polyvore skills improve over time.)
With this set I was going for a theme of temptation. I am just so in love with those snake and apple earrings and that sexy lbd from Torrid would make any girl feel like a seductress.

Now here’s my outfit based around a pair of pumps.

Dress: Faith 21
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Torrid
Bracelets: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: Hello Kitty from QVC
Earrings Betsey Johnson from eBay

My boyfriend took the picture and I didn’t realize that you could see my bra in just about every shot. So that shows what I was saying in my last post about how the top part seem a little baggy even though it is a 1x. I think I may have to try taking it in at the sides, but I’m afraid it might ruin the look of the dress. In all other aspects though the dress is perfectly comfortable and fun to wear and I love it. The shoes I got at Torrid a few years ago and I think have made a few other appearances on the blog. Though I have a lot of heels, these are really the only pumps that I own. I prefer to wear heels that have a strap on them otherwise the back of my foot always falls out. They were part of the first “Save the Tatas” line and some of the proceeds went to breast cancer. Even though I loved everything about them, I had held off on buying them for a while because Torrid shoes never seem to fit me that great (they don’t carry half sizes). Then they were the last pair left and I just couldn’t leave them all by themself. Being that they are a half-size too small, I don’t have the falling out problem but my toes get kind od cramped in the front. If it wasn’t for that, they would probably be my most comfortable pair of shoes.